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  • Continuous financial services research – banking … insurance … superannuation
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The SME Panels

A study of enormous focus of Cameron Research is titled “SMEs Through Time : The Cameron Panel”. Essentially this is a six monthly analysis of the mind-set and behaviour of a panel of SME Operators, ranging from sole traders to businesses with 500 FTEs. We first commenced our SME Panel research in 2005.  It takes place each six months.

We have developed a small business panel (<40 FTEs … or <$10 million turnover) … and a mid-market business panel (40-500 FTEs … or $10-$100 million turnover)

Interviews – which require up to 3 hours to undertake – form the basis of the major six-monthly reports, although the highlight from the research is the video material that arises.  Interviews are video recorded and this footage brings the customer to life.  From any wave of research there are generally dozens of different topics – each with their own vimeo/video link – available for clients to gain first-hand insights into SME commentary.  This is invaluable and the reason that many of Australia’s primary B2B organisations subscribe to the study.

For a small taste of the footage captured, click the link to the right.

Project Director Ross Cameron personally presents all material for clients in order to aid interpration and bring the stories and insights to life.

Continuous financial services research

The Australian Small Business Market for Financial Services and Professional Advice

This qualitative and quantitative study was initially released in 1992, and is undertaken every second (ie every ‘even’) year.  The study is based on a series of 10 group discussions and a quant survey (mix of telephone and online interviews) with 800 small businesses.  Of primary focus in the study are the areas of banking, payment channels used by SMEs, business insurance, and superannuation.  Each of these is covered in a separate report.  Occasionally we also produce ‘one-off’ reports from this research – historically they have covered accountants … succession planning … life/risk insurance etc. Contact us for details : info@cameronresearch.com.au

The Australian Medium Sized Market for Superannuation

This qualitative and quantitative study was initially released in 1997, and is undertaken every second (ie every ‘odd’) year.  It comprises a survey of 400 businesses that employ 20-500 FTEs, and covers ‘all things superannuation’ – who they use as a default, why, what they think, what they want, attitudes, opinions, perceptions and behaviour in relation to both their own fund, competitive funds, and the industry at large.  Contact us for details : info@cameronresearch.com.au

Management Briefings

Management briefings are provided by Ross Cameron to bring the SME market to life for your team. Depending on content requirements, video footage is commonly used in these briefings to drive home relevant themes, insights and stories.  Such briefings and presentations are the centrepiece of the Cameron Research proposition.

The Monthly e-Newsletter

Cameron Research produces a monthly e-Newsletter to keep the voice of the SME Operator within the organisation.  To be added to this e-Newsletter distribution list Subscribe