The key operational executive of Cameron Research is Ross Cameron, who personally conducts or directs all projects. Ross has worked in the market research and marketing consultancy areas for 30 years. On completing his Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University, he joined BIS Shrapnel where he soon became a Project Manager. In this position Ross developed and undertook numerous multi-client and private-client studies, specialising in the Financial Services and High Technology industries. In 1990/91, Ross completed his MBA at the University of Bath in the UK, where he graduated with distinction. On returning to Australia, he established Cameron Research.

Since establishing Cameron Research in 1992, Ross has conducted over 700 focus groups with SME Operators, over three thousand face-to-face interviews and the broader team have undertaken tens of thousands of telephone interviews with SME Operators.

As everyone who has heard him speak is aware, Ross is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker on ‘all things SME’, and is committed to helping the clients of Cameron Research to better understand the behaviour and mind-set of Australian SME Operators.

Jodie Elsum completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1989 followed by a Graduate Diploma in Marketing/Office Systems at RMIT. In 1991 Jodie joined Reark Research, where she specialised in executive and corporate interviewing – both face-to-face and telephone – and moderating group discussions. Having later spent some time in Tokyo, Japan she was active in conducting research into the expatriate market. On returning to Sydney, Jodie spent several years working for Travel Research Centre prior to joining the Cameron Research group. Since joining Cameron Research, Jodie has been involved in most of the privately commissioned and syndicate research projects we have conducted since the mid 1990s.