Cameron Research Group, founded in 1992, specialises in providing marketing research, insights and strategy services to organisations seeking to develop their understanding of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and their business owners.

At Cameron Research Group, we do not conduct ‘consumer’ research, or large business research. Since 1992 we have been totally focused on conducting research and offering insights into the behaviour and mind-set of operators of small and medium sized businesses. SMEs is all we research.  ie businesses that employ (up to) 500 FTEs.

Over the past 25+ years, the Cameron Research Group team has conducted almost 1,000 group discussions, 10,000 depth interviews and over 50,000 telephone interviews with SME Operators.

Ross Cameron, the Managing Director of the Cameron Research Group team is a highly knowledgeable and passionate speaker who has conducted executive briefings and presentations on the SME market for a host of Australia’s leading suppliers to SMEs.  Ten of Australia’s largest twenty organisations are clients of Cameron Research Group.

These presentations – often incorporating video footage of SME Operators talking to the topic being addressed – are a centrepiece of the work of Cameron Research.